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Superdrug make-up survey


14 January 2011

One in three women wouldn't dare leave the house without make-up on, a study revealed yesterday (Wed).

Researchers found that around eight million women don't feel confident enough in their appearance to venture out without their war paint.

The study also found six out of ten women wear make-up every day regardless of what they're doing, where they're going or who they're seeing.

One in three said they always put make-up on before going to the shops, even if they are only popping out to get a few bits and pieces.

And one in ten women said they would never let their boyfriend see them with no make-up on, preferring to sleep with a full face on rather than remove it at bedtime.

Sara Wolverson, Superdrug Director of Beauty, which carried out the study of 3,000 women said, said: ''For many women, putting their make-up on is an important part of their day, and the thought of people seeing them without can be horrifying.

''Make-up is a great confidence booster, and it can conceal any blemishes you are self-conscious about, especially in front of a new boyfriend who you want to impress.

''It can also help to highlight your best features and make them stand out, so it's not surprising that so many women are reluctant to leave the house bare faced.''

The study also found almost half of those polled admitted they preferred to hide behind their cosmetic mask rather than go out 'au natural'.

In fact, the average woman would wait at least two-and-a-half months into a relationship before being brave enough to show their make-up free face to their boyfriend.

Fourteen per cent even went as far as to say they get up early to put their face on before their boyfriend wakes up.

And more than a third are convinced their other half wouldn't have fancied them if they weren't wearing make-up when they met.

The study also revealed six out of ten women wouldn't consider going to work without make-up.

A quarter of those polled believed it was important they look their best in the work place and believe their boss would think less of them if they didn't.

Interestingly, women are convinced going without make-up would damage their career prospects - 23 per cent think they would get ignored for a promotion, and 37 per cent think management would think they didn't take care of themselves.

Sara Wolverson added: ''Make-up is a vital part of a many women's lives and we know that when it comes to cutting back to save money cosmetics is seen as an essential.

''Wearing and buying cosmetics is not about vanity. It's about giving a woman confidence to succeed in every area of their life, and when you can buy everything you need for a brand new look for under a tenner it's got to be the best value confidence booster around.''